JK2903 Embedded MP3 module,Amplifier module, USB SD MP3 module

 1, Support MP3 format

2, Support USB/SD memory

3, LED display

4, Option: FM radio

5, Option: IR remote control

6, DC 5V/12V


Remote Control Keys function

Power :ON/OFF  (standby)

Mode : Same function with Long press Play/Pause button on pannel for switch the working Mode

PREV: For Previous song in USB/SD state

NEXT: For Next song in USB/SD state

VOL+ : Volume up

VOL-: Volume down

REP: For switching one song repeat or all song repeat in USB/SD state, default is all song repeat .

STOP: For stop the song playing .

MUTE: First press mute , press again will release from mute.


PLAY/PAUSE : For play and pause in USB/SD state.

Button 0-9 : Select song in USB/SD state, if the song number over 9 , just input the numbers in series .


Applications :

HI-FI system , MP3 amplifier , Boom Box  ,embedded Audio systems