BT-08D Audio Bluetooth receiver module for speaker

Product describe

 BT-08D 12v Audio Bluetooth receiver module for speaker


1, Main function. 

 Compliant to Bluetooth 5.0 version, backward-compatible with BT1.2, 2.0 and 2.1

 Support SCMS-T content protection method;

 Class 2 power level, RF Performance: Tx:0dBm, Rx: -80dBm;

Support simple pairing and auto reconnection function;

Support MP3/SBC decoder;

support 16bit Stereo DAC with >90dB SNR.

7Pins connector : GND, VCC(12V), MIC+, MIC-, Audio GND, Audio R output, Audio L output.


2, LED light: when power on, the light will on,

When connect Bluetooth, it will flash.

Bluetooth  receiver distance: 10 meters. 


3, Power supply DC12V

4,Product dimension :  33*21*0.67mm

5, Application: Use for amplifier, speaker, audio products.


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