This module has multimedia MP3 audio decode board, which highly integrated single-chip. And add extra signal switch, USB / SD switch, digital display. The chief advantage are fast user-friendly and convenient. What’s more, not only enrich programs with radio feature, but also enhance the U disk and SD compatibility. This module is widely used in home music centers, car stereo and computer multimedia stereo, professional audio active, IPOD audio, AV amplifier, massage chairs, electronic gifts, electronic toys and so on. The module has been in mass production, stable performance. And we offer a wide selection of this panels.

JK 6839 USB SD FM MP3 module

1, Functions: USB/SD/MP3/Line in (AUX)/FM
  MP3 decorder support 32–320kbps
  FAT16 or FAT32 systems supported
  With Remote control
2, When power on, firstly read MP3 songs of USB/SD storage, without USB/SD device under AUX mode, press “MODE” switch to “USB/SD/AUX/FM”.
3, This decoder has 4 keys.
Long press 3 seconds for power ON/OFF
NEXT/V+: Under MP3 mode, short press NEXT, long press VOL+.
         Under AUX mode, press VOL+.
         Under FM mode, short press to selection up, long press VOL+.
PLAY/PAUSE:Under MP3 mode, short press PLAY/PAUSE, long press STOP..
             Under AUX mode, press PLAY/PAUSE.
             Under FM mode, short press to automatic selection.
PRE/V-: Under MP3 mode, short press LAST, long press VOL-.
       Under AUX mode, press VOL-
       Under FM mode, short press to selection down, long press VOL-.
4, Power supply DC5V( Optional 12V)
5, LED display
6, Remote Control Keys function
Power :ON/OFF  (standby)
Mode : Same function with Long press Play/Pause button on pannel for switch the working Mode
MUTE: First press mute , press again will release from mute.
PLAY/PAUSE : For play and pause in USB/SD state.
PREV: For PREV song in USB/SD state.
NEXT: For Next song in USB/SD state.
-: Volume down
+ : Volume upRPT: For switching one song repeat or all song repeat in USB/SD state, default is all song repeat .
U/SD/Scan: USB/SD/FM switch .
Button 0-9 : Select song in USB/SD state, if the song number over 9 , just input the numbers in series .

7.Panel Size: 105*25.5mm

Applications :
HI-FI system , MP3 amplifier , Boom Box  ,embedded Audio systems