Product describe

1,Support USB sound card, connect computer.
2,Recorder WAV format,32~192 kbps.
3,Support Multilanguage, reach to 24 countries.
4,LCD display lyrics synchronously.

Recorder USB host MP3 WMA WAV player
Main functions: 
1,Support MP3,WMA,WAV
2,Support USB/SD memory
3,Recorder rate: highest bit rate for 192 Kbps,WAV format.
4, LCD display, support multilateral languages, enter subdirectory, scan folders, display lyrics.
5, Line in record,the external audio source can be recorded into the SD card or U disk.
6,Connect computer:USB sound card
7, Additional functions: calendar, clock, alarm clock, can by USB cable connect to computer to download SD card
8, IR remote control
9,Support Multilanguage, reach to 24 countries,Simplified Chinese, English, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean, French, German language, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Danish, polish, Russian language, Turkish, Rabbinic, Thai, Hungarian, Romania, Arabic, Indonesian, Greek.
Pro audio, Mixer, HI-FI system, Amplifier , Speaker,Boom Box ,embedded Audio systems, Lighting, Electronic gifts, Electronic toys and so on.

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