BT-03N bluetooth usb dongle with aux


Bluetooth dongle+ bluetooth audio dongle


1, Using the latest Bluetooth V4.0 technology, data transfer rate up to 10Mbps triple the current Bluetooth technology, which ensures a more stable wireless audio transmission, thus providing high-quality voice, data transmission and shorten the time, reducing the power loss.

2, Compatible with all A2DP stereo Bluetooth devices including iPad, iPone4, iPhone 3G/3GS, and other Apple products on the market including android.

3, Support all speaker programs.

4, Bluetooth audio playback, answer the phone functions.

5, Key functions: Previous/volume- , Next/Volume +, play/pause to answer the call /hand up the phone functions.


Product  parameters:

1,Power supply :USB 5V power supply 

2,Output :USB port 3.5mm audio interface

3,receiving distance :not less 10m

4,Standard accessories:3.5mm audio cable


How to connect the speaker?


How to pair the bluetooth device?

1, open the phone (or computer) of bluetooth, bluetooth devices around search, in the search results to find a device, called dmzmusic found him after matching, after the success of the match, the indicator lights on the bluetooth receiver slow! 

2, after the success of the matching play phone music, wonderful music that is out of the speakers!