JK1530 Bluetooth recorder usb mp3 module


  USB/SD /MP3/Line in (AUX)/FM radio

  Support  Bluetooth connect.

  Play music, support SD card and U disk, support MP3/WMA/WAV, support to play higher bit rate by 1410 Kbps songs.

  Recorder function supports the highest bit rate for 192 Kbps,recorder format WAV

  Formarts :MP3/ WMA / WAV 

  FAT16 or FAT32 systems supported


  Support IR Remote control, distance: more than 8 meters.

 2, Keys function:


MODE: USB/SD /FM / Line in Bluetooth /Recorder switch., In Line in mode : Long press MODE for recorder 

NEXT : Under USB /SD /Bluetooth mode,  short press : NEXT; long press : Fast forward (Bluetooth mode no valid )
             Under FM mode, short press to selection up., long press : Backward search radio.

PLAY/PAUSE:Under USB /SD /Bluetooth mode, PAUSE ;

             Under AUX mode, press play/mute.
             Under FM mode, short press to automatic selection.

PRE : Under USB /SD /Bluetooth mode,  short press : PRE; long press : Fast forward (Bluetooth mode no valid )
            Under FM mode, short press to selection down, long press : Forward search Radio


REPEAT : Under USB /SD /Bluetooth mode,  short press : REPEAT  , ( ALL -ONE -FOLDER -NORMAL )


STOP :  Under USB /SD  mode : short press :STOP 


 3, Power supply DC5V /DC12V 

 4,  PCB dimension : 110*49 mm


Advantage: High quality sound, with recorder mp3 format, bluetooth function.

Applications :

HI-FI system , High end amplifier, audio mixer, MP3 amplifier , Boom Box  ,Embedded Audio systems