JK062 Recorder usb mp3 module

Product describe

 JK062 Recorder usb mp3 module

1, Record usb mp3 audio module functions:

1),LCD display, support multilateral languages, enter subdirectory, scan folders, display lyrics synchronously.

2), Play music, support U disk, support MP3/WMA/WAV, support to play higher bit rate by 1410 Kbps songs.

3), Recording function supports the highest bit rate for 192 Kbps,recorder format WAV.

4),Line in record,the external audio source can be recorded into the U disk.


2, Keys function:

1 )REC:For recorder in USB state.

2) PLAY/PAUSE: For play and pause in USB state.

3) PREV: For Previous song in USB state ,long press ,fast forward 

4) NEXT:For Next song in USB state,long press ,fast reverse

5) STOP: For Next song in USB state

6)DEL:  For DEL in USB state


3, Power supply DC5V (Optional 12V)

4, PCB  dimension : 66*56mm



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